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The Snohomish Chamber created the Community Coordinating Committee over 25 years ago and it has grown over the years to be one of the most valuable services to the greater area of Snohomish. 

  • Purpose:  To Bring representatives from local  nonprofit clubs and Organizations, government agencies, the Fire District, School District, Outreach Human Service groups, churches, sports organizations and event coordinators together in a monthly meeting.  Each representative shares current news, volunteer needs, event dates and continuing project update with the committee.  The reports of each representative can then be shared by all attending  groups.

  • Results:  The committee has facilitated partnership between organizations for fundraising efforts, planning community events, provided volunteers for outreach projects, created awareness of government and school activities and notification of current and potential needs that exist in the greater area of Snohomish. 

The contact listings provided on this page are those of representatives that attend the Community Coordinating Committee on a regular basis.

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